ol ped 2019

On May 15, at Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National University the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on the educational discipline "Pedagogics" was held among the intending teachers. The purpose of these competitions is the search for gifted students - future teachers, the expansion of interconnections between higher education institutions of Ukraine, aimed at forming the new generation of teachers, promoting national education.

Participants from 17 institutions of higher education of different regions of Ukraine were offered tasks, which were designed taking into account the achievements of the pedagogical theory and practice in the modern educational space of Ukraine, focused not only on the knowledge of the program educational material, but also on the professional practical abilities of intending teachers.

The program of the Olympiad consisted of four rounds, namely:

? Theoretical, covering testing the theoretical knowledge in pedagogy, coverage of pedagogical problems, innovative technologies and the contest "Pedagogical eloquence", which was aimed at revealing the level of general and professional culture;

? Search-and-research (developing scientific research introduction, rendering abstract in a foreign language, etc.);

? creative (presentation of videos devoted to the New Ukrainian school);

? practical (team competition "Active break", conducted in the conditions of the real educational process of secondary school # 3 in Hlukhiv, which reflected the formation of organizational skills and abilities to interact with children) ...

We are proud of bright, talented, creative future educators and wish them success!

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