mis univer 2020

On 27 February, 2020, in the Town Palace of Culture, the University's educational department held a beauty contest "Miss University - 2020" ("Natural Beauty"), which was attended by:

Anna Nedobuha (Faculty of Philology and History);

Alina Shulha (Faculty of Science and Physical-Mathematical Education);

Alina Kovalenko (Faculty of Primary Education);

Yuliia Kryvonos (Faculty of Preschool Education);

Aurika Horbach (Faculty of Primary Education);

Halyna Zoreva (Faculty of Philology and History);

Oksana Tsomka (Faculty of Philology and History);

Viktoriia Deshchenko (Faculty of Philology and History);

Roza Panova (Faculty of Philology and History);

Yuliia Kuriatnykova (Faculty of Primary Education).

Beauties demonstrated their intellectual abilities and competed in talent contests and fashion shows. They were evaluated by a competent jury consisting of:

Olena Demisheva, acting town mayor

Oleksandr Nikinchenko, chief specialist of the Department of Youth and Sports of Hlukhiv Town Council;

Oleksandr Miroshnychenko, a researcher at the Hlukhiv National Reserve, a local activist;

Yana Nikitina, Miss University - 2019, and VicestudMiss Sumy Region - 2019;

Artem Bezuhlyi, specialist of the city center of physical development of the population "Sport for all";

Anna Skrypka, winner of the StudentMiss Sumy Region Competition - 2019.

According to the results of the competition, Anna Nedobuha (Faculty of Philology and History) won the title "Miss University - 2020"; she also became "Miss Audience Choice"; Oksana Tsomka (Faculty of Philology and History) won the title "ViceMiss University - 2020"; Yuliia Kuriatnykova (Faculty of Primary Education) won the title of "II ViceMiss University - 2020".

The competition was facilitated by the university administration (represented by rector O. Kurok), the trade union organization of students and graduate students of the University (Daria Samoshchenko, chairman), Hlukhiv Town Council represented by O. Demisheva (secretary of Hlukhiv Town Council), I. Samobrod (acting deputy mayor for the activities of executive bodies of Hlukhiv Town Council), Department of Youth and Sports of Hlukhiv Town Council (chief M. Plotnytskyi, chief specialist O. Nikitchenko), Department of Culture of Hlukhiv Town Council (chief O. Samoshchenko, director of the Town Palace of Culture T. Tryshyna), as well as sponsors: beauty studio " Diva", "Fitocentr ", network of hardware and electronics stores "Dzvinok", Avon, Iryna Repetun, UNICE MULTIBRAND (leader Svetlana Petorova), Alona Klenko, «Wow buket», Photo Studio "Pop Art", Beauty Studio "Butterfly", Fitness Club "Maximus", top sushi Hlukhiv.

Information partners of the event: photographers Roman Romanov, Serhii Haponov; videographers: Kateryna Pestriakova, Pasha Pankov; Radio Hlukhiv FM on the wave 104,4 and online edition Hlukhiv.INFO. The latter held online voting, the winner of which was Aurika Horbach. She received as a gift the procedure of face care from cosmetologist Alina Liubovytska and a flower composition made by Svitlana Kopylova.

Yana Nikitina ViceMiss Sumy Region and Miss University – 2019 has given the title "Miss by miss" to Halyna Zoreva.

“Miss photo” nomination became a gift for girls: StudMis Sumy Region Anna Skrypka presented Alina Shulha a photo session certificate with Serhii Prokopenko.

Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University at the Contest "StudMiss Sumy Region - 2020" will be represented by Miss University – 2020 Anna Nedobuha and ViceMiss of the University Oksana Tsomka.

We wish our girls success and victory at the regional level!

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