німці 1 день

Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv national pedagogical university has a good tradition to greet in the middle of September students from the University of Applied Sciences of Zittau-Goerlitz (Germany) who continue the programme of the academic exchanges between our educational establishments.

The students staying programme started with acquainting with our glorious town. The guests were lucky with the weather as Sunday happened to be really summer warm and sunny. The German students were able to assess the hospitality of the town, the beauty of its historic and natural sights. The day was continued by the rest in the open air out of town.

On September 18th the official part of the programme was begun by the meeting with the Rector and university authorities where the programme of students staying in Hlukhiv was agreed. The students visited the rare books hall at the library where they had the opportunity to see the 18th-19th centuries periodicals and textbooks. The original German textbooks and F. Schiller’s works collection were especially admired by the guests. The students expressed their impressions in the guests’ book. Then the students from Germany visited the exhibition of the Ukrainian students hand made pictures and embroidery works which were admired.

The academic part of the visit began with the practical class in preparing presentations of the both countries and the developing training.

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