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From September 17th to September 22nd, a group of students from the University of Applied Sciences Zittau-Goerlitz (Germany) intensively worked at the Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv national pedagogical university. After acquainting with our historic and just wonderful town and university on wonderful sunny days, the members of the delegation Andrei Meyer, Paul Neumann, Sarah Weißflog, Frederike-Luise Umlauft and Katja Burkhardt began their social work programme.

The academic part of the students’ programme of studies began with their training for presenting their countries, the class was conducted by the university professor T. Dieorditsa. Students from Germany had the opportunity to learn how to create Mind Maps and Mental Maps for the presentation of any topic. After the classes, participants got certificates to confirm their qualifications in this kind of activity. The German guests were extremely active in the development-thematic training conducted by the lecturer of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Social Work O. Kurant.

During several days, German students implemented an intensive programme of work that included practical classes in rehabilitation and territorial centres, participation in lectures and seminars of teachers of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Social Work. Students exchanged practical experience of working with children with special needs in both countries. The visit to Hlukhiv comprehensive school # 3 to familiarize with introducing inclusive education in Ukraine was useful for both Ukrainian and German students.

Visit to the historic town of Novhorod-Sivers’ky was unforgettable for the German students who admired the local monastery, church, other sights and wonderful landscapes.
The efficient communication between the Ukrainian and German colleagues was provided by the Philology and History department teachers and students V. Butova, D. Shcherbakova and A. Val’ko.

As a result of their work at the university the students and teachers developed the plan for the further cooperation between the higher educational establishments

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