новини з туреччини

The representatives of Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University Olena Melnyk, Ph.D. (engineering sciences), Associated Professor, the Head of the Life Safety, Physical Education and Human Health Department and Iryna Pinchuk, Ph.D. (pedagogical sciences), Assistant Professor of the Primary Education Theory and Methods Department had been visiting Afyon Kocatepe University (Turkey) from October 21 till October 29, 2017.

The working visit took place within the framework of the implementation of the international grant program Erasmus + academic mobility with the financial support of the European Union. Teachers staff from Turkey welcomed Ukrainian colleagues with sincerity and warmth. 

The main purpose of the business trip was exchanging the experience and advanced training technologies. The work schedule of the trip included classroom work with the students at the technological and pedagogical faculties.

Olena Melnyk presented a series of lectures (8 hours), which revealed the foundations of environmental problems of the present. Teaching was conducted in English using Prezi software. The internship schedule included organizing inter-departmental seminars, where current education issues were discussed and the experience of introducing educational reforms in Ukraine and Turkey was discussed.

Ukrainian teachers conducted practical classes with students within the framework of the International Grant Program Erasmus + Jean Monnet: "Implementation of the Strategy for the Environmental Safety of the European Experience Integration".

Teachers visited Turkish state and private schools (www.dogakoleji.com), studied new teaching methods and techniques, including implementing the inclusive education. Both in Ukraine and in Turkey, educational reform is ongoing, in particular, since 2016; the study of the first foreign language comes from the 2nd grade in Turkey.

The primary purpose of educational institutions in Turkey is to educate a happy child. The educational system is aimed at facilitating the adaptation of a child in the educational space. The particularities include the following:

- the organization of educational process includes different types of mental and physical activity and takes into account the personal preferences of each pupil (dramatic, musical, computer, chess, handmade clubs, etc.);
- pupils do the homework in the form of game under the supervision of teachers in school, which ensures the creation of supportive environment for self-realization and the formation of the sense of significance of each pupil;
- in the primary school pupils are not estimated, after the 4th grade the assessment is carried out with a 100-point system, which allows to evaluate the work of the pupils objectively.

Ukrainian teachers attended practical classes, where students showed the fragments of English lessons in primary school. Similar methods and forms of training, namely presentations, animations, games are used in Ukrainian schools.

The students of pedagogical specialties, who are going to work in a kindergarten or at school should undergo a competitive selection, and only the best of them can work. The position of a teacher is highly valued in Turkish society.

At the end of the working visit, Ukrainian teachers received certificates confirming their participation in Teaching mobility (Olena Melnyk) and Training mobility (Iryna Pinchuk) programs.

For the rest, colleagues from Ukraine and Turkey discussed opportunities for further cooperation: holding joint conferences, sharing the publications, joint participation in international grants programs. It is worth noting the high interest of foreign partners in further cooperation and the establishment of cultural and scientific international relations.

We express our sincere gratitude for the friendly welcome and expect the visit of Turkish colleagues.

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